Pace the platform has ended,
long live pace groups.
Years ago, we started Pace to reimagine mental health groups online.

Over more than 25,000 sessions, we brought together people from all walks of life in small, hosted 75-90min live video groups. Groups met every week and found real human connection on the internet.

You told us it was a cure for loneliness. An app to feel challenged. A regular peek into the reality show of others' lives. A crew to share secrets with. The most fun form of emotional health. And a place you met your best friends.

We're sad that the Pace platform and apps are ending, but heartened by the fact that many groups are choosing to continue together off the platform - meeting socially or with their hosts weekly.

Read more here: Jack's letter on LinkedIn

If you heard about Pace and want the closest version to the original experience possible, feel free to visit Jess and Summer at They are building something new that looks like the old Pace, with our blessing.

It’s been a privilege to play a part in your life the last few years. We hope you’ll always fondly remember your time on the Pace platform, and that your Pace Group lives on forever.

Thanks it's been real+honest,
Alex, Cat, Jack, and the Pace Team